Pre Order

Dear Shoppers,

Current batch will be closing on 20TH OCT 2011. Random freebies[it can be anything!!!] will be given out, so place your orders now!!

We will be taking pre orders for the below items. Please state the amount of item and it's code in the Order Form.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for pre order before placing an order.

Kindly note that the waiting time is approximately 1 month from order placed and is subjected to changes without notification
Please be sure that you are comfortable with the waiting time before placing an order.

A deposit of 50% of the amount of the item is required before order is placed.
Please note that the deposit is non refundable should you pull out of the order.
All payments are to be made after batch closes, invoices would be sent out and ample time would be given to make payment.

Items are to be collected within 2 weeks upon arrival or will be deemed as forfeit
Customers are to inform us within that 2 weeks of any special circumstances, otherwise items will be forfeited.

All Items are checked for defects, so there will be no refunds.

In cases of no stock, there will be a refund.



- Random freebies for all customers~~
- Returning customers will be given 5% disc~
- Purchase 3 items and get 10% disc~ [nt to be used with 5%disc]

*do note that discounts are not available for 福袋
* 福袋 may contain items which are nt listed in the preorders


Accessories will only be sold in 福袋

Do enter the links for the various Items.

Dresses and Top

Dresses, bottoms and jumpsuits


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