Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GLF Huge announcement for NewYear~~

Dear shoppers,

Christmas is just around the corner, have you done your christmas shopping yet??

GLF regrets the fact that we are unable to celebrate Christmas with everyone in a fun way this year, but we are inviting you to join us for 2012 in a fun way~~~

We will be opening an all 福袋 NEW YEAR Order [closes on 21st Dec 2011]~~~

Bags will be in limited numbers only.

SGD$10 - 5
SGD$30 - 5 4
SGD$40 - 3
SGD$45 - 3
SGD$60- 3
SGD$75 - 2
SGD$100 - 3

Special notes~

- Only 50% of payment is needed for first payment!!

- All customers will get a freebie per order as usual!! choose between Kawaii/Kakkoii[Cute/Cool]

- All items will be packed in a compressable shopping bag as shown in the picture~ SMALL LITTLE STRAWBERRIES~

- Purchase over $150 will be entitled to a FREE DRESS* / 3 Free Accessories*

- Purchase over $250 will be entitled to 10% disc[YOU SAVE $25! Thats the cost of one pair of sandals!!]

- Every order will be entitled to one chance at our Mystery Giveaway!

Do note:
Shoe sizes range from S - LL [if you require a larger or much smaller size, please do inquire with us]

Clothes are usually freesized but do send in your sizes if you are worried.
We take clothes from XS - XL~~

*items are all at random

p/s. For international buyers, you are more than welcome to collate orders and send in as one. Freebies will be given to every set of 福袋.


We are also re-opening Preorder 2 as Preorder 3.


Question time!

What kind of clothes do you want us to bring in next? Do feel free to comment below.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Preorder 2 Arrival

Dear shoppers,

Preorder two has arrived!!!

We will sent out the invoices in one-two days from now.
Thank you all for being so patient. We assure you that you will be very pleased with the items despite the wait~

Crew @ GLF

Monday, October 10, 2011

Preorder2 EXTENDED

Due to requests, the preorder will be extended to 20th October.

Do note that you are only require to pay 50% when ordering ^^/


- Random freebies for all customers~~
- Returning customers will be given 5% disc~
- Purchase 3 items and get 10% disc~ [nt to be used with 5%disc]

福袋 are running out fast!! Grab yours today if you have no idea what to wear and leave it to the hands of our fashion coordinator!!

Why get a 福袋?

1 clothing piece = $20 average
1 pair of shoes = $30 average

$30 福袋
1acc[$10] + 2pc[$40] = $50 [SAVE $20]

$60 福袋
2pc[$40] + 1pr [$30] + 1acc[$10] = $80 [SAVE $20]


If you have any enquiries, do send them to enquiries.garderlafoi@gmail.com
We will be glad to answer them!