Monday, October 10, 2011

Preorder2 EXTENDED

Due to requests, the preorder will be extended to 20th October.

Do note that you are only require to pay 50% when ordering ^^/


- Random freebies for all customers~~
- Returning customers will be given 5% disc~
- Purchase 3 items and get 10% disc~ [nt to be used with 5%disc]

福袋 are running out fast!! Grab yours today if you have no idea what to wear and leave it to the hands of our fashion coordinator!!

Why get a 福袋?

1 clothing piece = $20 average
1 pair of shoes = $30 average

$30 福袋
1acc[$10] + 2pc[$40] = $50 [SAVE $20]

$60 福袋
2pc[$40] + 1pr [$30] + 1acc[$10] = $80 [SAVE $20]


If you have any enquiries, do send them to
We will be glad to answer them!

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